Finally it is bedtime

Finally It Is Bedtime

Finally it is bedtime,
all snug and cosy warm,
going to bed ridiculously early,
for me, is now the norm.

I know just how to rock and roll,
on a Friday and Saturday night.
In bed by 9 is staying up
even when it is still light.

It’s not that I am lazy,
far from it, I hasten to add.
But when my son wakes in the night,
it’s me he wants, not dad.

I swear his dad could sleep
inside a drum or through a riot.
It must be lovely to wake refreshed
maybe one day I could try it.

So forgive me my excitement
when my son is in his bed,
As I know the time has come
when I can lay down my weary head.

Experience has taught me,
not to hang around,
as you can never really tell,
just when he’ll make a sound.

So I’ll bid you all goodnight,
as I can’t stop my yawning,
and hope that when I wake,
it’ll be late tomorrow morning.


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