Leaving the house

Leaving The House

Leaving the house
was not something that I thought,
could ever be a problem
or be so very fraught.

Before I had a baby
I just got ready and I’d go,
I’d open the door and walk through it,
come sun, wind, rain or snow.

When my baby was still tiny
it wasn’t particularly tough,
the issue wasn’t leaving,
it was carrying all the stuff.

How can a person so tiny
require so much gear,
spare clothes, the bibs and nappies,
it was like we were leaving for a year.

When my baby became a toddler
I didn’t know what to do,
how difficult could it be?
to find his other shoe.

‘Come and put your shoes on’
became the daily call,
I may as well have asked
a 6ft high brick wall.

When he finally put his shoes on
it really was quite sweet,
but I didn’t have the heart to say
well done! But they’re on the wrong feet.

Next job was the coat,
it was never without a blip.
tho now I’m expert, upside-down
at doing up a zip.

We’re at the door all ready
on time, I am so happy,
then a smell hits like a freight train,
my little darling’s filled his nappy.

So to all my single friends,
who have yet to multiply,
don’t be angry if I’m late
as now you will know why.


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