We All Have That ‘One’ Neighbour

We all have that ‘one’ neighbour,
you’ll know the sort I mean,
ours tends to wear green overalls,
And in the driveway can be seen.

He’s regular as clockwork
and really is quite boring
as he has to wash his car…
EVERY Sunday morning!

It’s meant to be a day of rest
he should really take the plunge
and sit down with his feet up
instead, he’s out there with his sponge.

I sit and have my breakfast,
and watch, as out he goes,
in his crisp green overalls,
with his bucket and his hose.

Can it really be that dirty?
all caked in mud and grime,
he washes it so often
it always has a shine.

While it looks to us quite sad
as we say he needs a life
but does he have a motive?
is he hiding from his wife?

Maybe it’s a hobby,
an obsession, a pastime
well if that’s the case, he’s welcome,
to have a go at mine.

He doesn’t mind about the weather
it could be raining, hail or shine,
nothing stops him from car washing
every Sunday at half 9.


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