Exercise Bike

Exercise Bike

I bought myself an exercise bike,
As I wanted to get fit,
I decided every evening
That upon it I would sit.

I had some weight to lose
And had tried all types of diet,
I wasn’t into exercise
But thought that I would try it.

I thought I’d cycle every day,
I’d pedal hard and fast,
But then the inevitable happened,
The novelty didn’t last.

I moved it to the living room,
Didn’t want to admit defeat,
I thought that I would cycle,
To Coronation Street.

Thirty minutes that programme lasted,
Sometimes even an hour!!
I couldn’t cycle for that long!
I didn’t have enough will power.

I’d start off with enthusiasm,
to put my body to the test,
but within a couple of minutes
I was dying for a rest.

The bike soon was ignored,
another seat around the telly,
and now I need another way,
to shift this weight from on my belly.

Maybe I should just accept
exercise is not for me,
Unless a stroll down to the shop,
to get some biscuits for my tea.

There is a plus side, though
if it’s a bike you want to buy,
As it really comes in handy,
for hanging washing on to dry.


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