Summer with a toddler

Summer With A Toddler

Summers used to be a time
when I’d relax and laze around,
play some music in the garden,
and listen as I browned.

It was the height of relaxation
with the birds up in the trees,
the butterflies flitting about
and the buzzing of the bees.

Well that’s all gone to pot
now I have a child in tow,
I don’t have time to relax
as he’s always on the go.

He runs up to the butterflies
excited when they land,
he calls me over to see
then tries to squash them with his hand.

We point out all the birds
he likes to do it every day,
but the birds are all called Bob
as it’s easier for him to say.

His favourite ‘toy’ outside
is our brand new garden hose,
he likes to water EVERYTHING
including all his clothes.

I try to sit down for a rest
and watch him playing in the sand,
but I’d barely warm the seat
before he’d grab me by the hand.

Up! Up! Up! he’d cry excitedly
for me to follow, as off he races,
I’d have to join him in the sandpit
getting sand lodged in some places.

He certainly keeps me fit
tearing around and having fun,
as I chase him with the suncream
to protect him from the sun.

So my time is now spent running around
and pushing him in his swing,
my lazy days are officially over…
but I wouldn’t change a thing!


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