Victoria Wood

An idol can be anyone;
grandparent, friend or pet,
a movie star, or singer
or a legend never met.

Mine sadly is the latter,
a woman I never knew,
the late, great Victoria Wood
tragically taken far too soon.

I marvelled at her on TV,
she was a talented wordsmith,
Wood and Walters, Acorn Antiques
her iconic ‘An Audience With..’

Her songs were utter genius
comedy writing, she was the leader
‘Baby Boom’, ‘Pam’, ‘Let’s Do It:
the ballad of Barry and Freda’.

I loved the sitcom Dinnerladies
which she wrote and starred as Bren,
I bought the dvd box set
to watch again and again.

Growing up, she did inspire
millions, not just me
to see a leading lady
in the world of comedy.

She was a very private person
with an incredible talent to write
she had the confidence to perform on stage
but hated the limelight.

I have never been very confident
but she reminds me that I’m allowed,
to have a go, and share my voice
and stand out from the crowd.

When she died so suddenly
it brought us all to tears
but her comedy and genius
will live on throughout the years.


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