Goodnight poem

Goodnight My Gorgeous Boy

Goodnight my gorgeous boy
it’s time to go to bed.
Sleep well and have sweet dreams
Lay down your sleepy head.

We’ve had a busy day
Filled with laughter and so much fun,
it really was the perfect day
but now I’m knackered, and we’re done.

Mummy’s planned a relaxing evening
Involving chocolate, TV and wine,
the whole day was planned meticulously
to get you down on time.

Yet now you’re staring up at me
with eyes that must be tired,
but worryingly you look wide awake
and if I’m honest, a little wired.

How can this be? I ask myself
you’re bathed, dry, changed and full,
it’s almost like your bottle’s been swapped
from milk to bloody Red Bull.

Goodnight my gorgeous boy
it’s the home straight – the last leg,
so why have you gone hyper now?
Do you want to see me beg?

The other babies are all asleep
look on Facebook and you’ll see,
the mummies saying “oooh check me out,
mine’s been asleep since half past three!”

Yet here we are at 9pm
still reading Postman Pat,
we must have read it a thousand times
so, yes we know there’s a bloody cat!!

Now go to sleep, for the love of God
I’m down here on my knees,
I’ve still got lots of tidying to do
so close your eyes now – pretty please?

I love our time together
don’t ever get me wrong,
It’s just I’m reeeaaally tired now
the day has been so long.

Goodnight my gorgeous boy
finally asleep lying on your tummy,
but in future, could you tell me straight
that all you wanted was your dummy.


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